Royal Canin

Who’s a
good boy?

A market leader in pet food production

ROYAL CANIN® Australia and New Zealand are Australia’s leading premium dog and cat food brand owned by MARS Australia. ROYAL CANIN® sells pet food that is formulated off scientific research that understands every breed is unique. A truly incredible brand that literally puts all dogs and cats health and nutrition at the forefront of every decision they make. We have partnered up with The Reactor to manage all the ROYAL CANIN® work. The Reactor is maintaining digital and creative strategy + all above the line advertising and we’re executing everything on the digital side.

Building brand awareness online

We created the ROYAL CANIN® social media channels and social media post approval process to make sure ROYAL CANIN® is sending out timely posts that help to position the brand as the leading premium pet food brand in Australia and New Zealand. We have seen fantastic social results and have an incredibly engaged community. Our daily duties involve listening and responding to any direct and indirect questions, creating daily posts, posting to set channels and finding/liaising with digital influencers in both Australia and New Zealand.

Time to join the club!

Building the ROYAL CANIN® Healthy Pet’s Club website which houses all campaigns and blogs, allows us to build ROYAL CANIN® Google Quality Score from using best practice SEO standards. This coupled with beautiful designs and superb copy makes for a user-friendly website that offers true value for pet owners. There’s plenty more coming which we can’t wait to share with all.

In under 1 year our SEO results have more than doubled, we have higher reach and impact with our SEM and our social media community is highly engaged and growing every day.

– Amy Gardiner, Digital Marketing Manager Australia and New Zealand

PAWESOME results winning first place at the dog show!

Managing both Royal Canin Australia and New Zealand SEO and SEM, we’re working towards global KPIs. Our results speak for themselves.

53% increase

in paid traffic visiting the Royal Canin Healthy Pets Club

219% increase

in website conversions on the Royal Canin Healthy Pets Club

52% increase

in organic traffic to the Royal Canin Healthy Pets Club

Ranked position 2

for the highly competitive keyword term 'Persian Cat Food'

  • Developed an overall digital strategy to enhance Royal Canin's digital presence.
  • Designed and created the Healthy Pets website with the specific aim of enhancing customer engagement through relevant and informative content.
  • Implemented a rigorous SEO and Social Media media plan.